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The guidance and Counseling department was established in January 2008. Guided by the vision to bring positive change to the youth, it has come a long way in guiding and empowering them within the institute and its neighborhood. The department is run by the guidance and counseling coordinator, assistant coordinator and team of 12 committee members. Trained student peer educators are part of this team and act as the linkage between the department and the students.

Various activities are planned and coordinated in this department such as health talks, behavior change communication talks, voluntary counseling and testing of HIV. Health and social issues have always emerged whenever we have the planned talks and even during the VCTs. And this had made us realize that talks alone without providing the services leave the students with more questions than answers to problems affecting them and hence services to handle gynecological issues have also been incorporated into the program.

It is also important to note that lack of adequate information, for instance on causes of cancer, use of contraceptives and others are issues that need to be addressed seriously noting that students form the larger part of the country’s population and therefore need to be strengthened and empowered with the correct information that will help them make informed choices, avoid peer pressure and be of help to their fellow youth in their home areas when they leave college. With the correct information, the young people are able to take charge of their health and make wise decisions. The department intends to build capacity of the peer educators and teacher counselors who have been instrumental in the implementation of the planned activities and also APHIA PLUS KAMILI for support in training, outreach activities and sponsoring VCT services.

Nkabune Technical Training Institute is a public tertiary institution under the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology, it is ISO9001:2008 Certified. This was prompted by the ever rising customer expectations and an increasing desire for offering quality services. The same desire provides an encouraging back ground for implementing the quality management system. The institution has embraced the quality management system since it is was certified; so far, four surveillance audits have been conducted by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and the institution has maintained the certification and this is as a result of continual improvement.


Implementation of quality management system has helped us operate efficiently, achieve customer satisfaction, improve on performance, satisfy stakeholders and secure sustainability. It is our hope that we will continue growing as an institution and continue implementing the quality management system.

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