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Principal Secretary state Department of TVET Dr. Kevit Desai is received by the BOG during our international research conference.Graduation procession enters the graduation pavilion during the 21st graduation ceremony.Our men football team before a game.Music students entertain guests during the graduation ceremony.Relax and have a swim in our swimming pool after classes and weekends. We provide the best learning environment for our students.Our men basketball team emerged top in the region and represented Mount Kenya region in the nationals championships.

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Nkabune Technical Training Institute was started in 1964 to train social workers and clerks by Consolata Sisters. In addition to social training the Institute offered a two year course in commercial studies to girls who had achieved C.P.E. In 1967 the Ministry of Education requested the Sisters to start a grant –aided Commercial technical school for girls. This opened in 1968 at the current Gitoro Primary School. Lack of sufficient land for expansion at Gitoro made the Sisters to move the school to its present location at Nkabune on a 25 acre- piece of land donated by the local community. Initial construction work was financed by the Kenyan Government, Misereor German Episcopal Conference and the German Government.

Learning at the Girls Commercial Technical started in 1971. In 1986, Nkabune Technical and Commercial Girls, among 18 other technical secondary schools were converted to Technical Training Institutes. The objective was to instill skills to trainees to enable them to be either self-employed or join salaried employment in public and private sector. The first trainees under the new system were enrolled in the Institute in 1986 to train in Secretarial and Accounts Clerks’ courses alongside forms three and four, which were phased out in 1987. Other courses like CPA Part one, Garment Making and Food and Beverage at Craft level were introduced in 1988.


Currently, the institute offers BTEP, TEP and TIVET (Mod I, II & III) courses which advance to diploma level. The institute graduates its trainees each year. The majority of them have secured formal employment in both public and private organization; others have established small scale businesses, while others join the national polytechnics, local and overseas universities for further studies.



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