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This office is charged with the responsibility of implementing performance contract targets by the various target owners. The tasks performed by the office include, but are not limited to the following: monitoring achievement of targets, aligning performance targets to the reviewed strategic plan, preparing the quarterly and annual reports and submitting them to the mother ministry, training the teaching and non–teaching staff on implementation of the performance contract, gathering and consolidating evidence and leading in negotiations and evaluations.

In 2008, the Management steered the Institute to develop a five-year strategic plan which provided a blueprint for coordinating the institute’s development agenda. The blueprint highlighted physical infrastructure development, ICT integration, environmental development, academic performance an youth social development. With the introduction of performance contracting Nkabune Technical Training Institute aligned its strategic plan with performance contract requirements. The institute signed the performance contract with the Ministry of Higher Education in 2009 to pave way for structured and customer-focused development.

The key pillars of the performance contract were Financial Management, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Environment Management, Automation, vision 2030 flagship projects, Corruption Eradication and Operations geared towards achieving the Institute’s mandate. The Institute was ranked 5th among Technical Training Institutions in the country in the achievement of targets set for the year 2009/2010 and the year 20100/2012, the institute was ranked 3rd in the most sustained Institute in the country. In the same period, the institute received an ISO 9001:2008 certification from the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Now, four years after, customers are more satisfied, employees are more productive and collaborative and the Institute is on track in improving service delivery and curriculum implementation.

Surveys are done every year on customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Recommendations from these surveys are implemented to improve the satisfaction index. According to the surveys, there has been an improvement in the satisfaction index. The institute service charter is adhered to at different service points and furthermore, the charter is cascaded to various departments in the institute. Implementation of ISO standards and achievement of performance contracting targets have resulted to continuous improvement in infrastructure and service delivery which is in line with the Institute's vision “to be a center of excellence in TIVET”

The Institute is involved in coming up with solutions to local community problems such as training of local women in preserving local fruits and training youth on the internet. The Institute also collaborates with various National agencies including the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. The future is bright for the Institute has put in place structures for future development


The Department of Business Studies and Entrepreneurship offers both Level 6 and Level 5 Office Administration , accounting courses that include CPA and ATC.

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We are proud of our past graduates from the different levels who have taken up various positions in the catering and hospitality industry. Some are working in hotels and restaurants as chefs, waiters, supervisors and managers..

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For the country to achieve vision 2030, Science3 and Technology is identified as one of the pillars necessary to achieve the vision with ICT development being a key component. The institute Computing and Informatics department has ensured that the institute is not left behind in ICT advancement..

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Fashion Design is in the Hospitality and Institutional Management Department. The section targets trainees who have a desire to work as Fashion Designers in Fashion Designers Houses, Managers, Garment Cutters and CAD Designers in garment making firms or Wardrobe Managers for V.I.Ps.

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Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which has specialized in electrical and electronic engineering power option.

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