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The office of career services in Nkabune TTI was established to provide career guidance and counseling services to students. The office performs the following functions:

  • To assist students in developing educational plans consistent with their life goals.
  • To provide students with accurate information about academic progression so as to allow students plan properly plan their progress.
  • To assist students in understanding the institute’s academic policies, procedures and programs.
  • Assist students in the selection of courses and other educational opportunities e.g. internship.
  • Help students access the institute’s resources that will enhance their ability to be academically successful.
  • To identify systems and personal conditions that may impede students” academic achievements and developing appropriate interventions.
  • To educate students and the community at large about career opportunities and employment trends.
  • To provide placement of graduates into full –time and part -time employment through partnerships with industries.
  • To help students explore possible business opportunities upon graduation.
  • Create an Alumni association where there will be a network and channel of communication between students and the institution’s alumni for mentorship to students as they make career choices.
  • The Office of Career Services in Nkabune TTI is also tasked with the successful implementation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses in the institute. These courses have the following benefits:

    • They offer students a platform to transform new ideas into innovation.
    • Fosters creativity by developing interests in various fields of science and art.
    • Students are able to discover and embrace new technologies.
    • Helps improve the cognitive skills of students.
    • Helps develop critical thinking skills to students enabling them to solve problems.

The Department of Business Studies and Entrepreneurship offers both Level 6 and Level 5 Office Administration , accounting courses that include CPA and ATC.

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We are proud of our past graduates from the different levels who have taken up various positions in the catering and hospitality industry. Some are working in hotels and restaurants as chefs, waiters, supervisors and managers..

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For the country to achieve vision 2030, Science3 and Technology is identified as one of the pillars necessary to achieve the vision with ICT development being a key component. The institute Computing and Informatics department has ensured that the institute is not left behind in ICT advancement..

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Fashion Design is in the Hospitality and Institutional Management Department. The section targets trainees who have a desire to work as Fashion Designers in Fashion Designers Houses, Managers, Garment Cutters and CAD Designers in garment making firms or Wardrobe Managers for V.I.Ps.

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Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which has specialized in electrical and electronic engineering power option.

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